Affiliate marketing contributed to more than $12 Billion revenue generation of businesses in 2017 and the figure has only sky-rocketed since then. With a 10% increase in total revenue generated by Affiliate marketing every year, the niche is nothing less than a gold mine for new marketers. As it is one of the most promising ways of making money with, wouldn’t you like to know what is affiliate marketing? 

Many of you might be confused about what is affiliate marketing and many may have never heard of it. This puzzle of what is affiliate marketing and how does it work is not that tricky. We will be summarizing it in this post for you.

What is the Affiliate Marketing?

Simply defined, affiliate marketing is a process in which someone with a fair amount of online followers or readers markets a product or service. The product/service is usually sent by some bigger business organization.

Thus, the affiliate marketer urges his or her audience to invest in what is being marketed which results in revenue generation for the business as well as the marketer.

If people get impressed enough and invest in the product being marketed through that specific person’s marketing skills, the company pays that person a commission. Usually, commission depends upon the number of sales made because of his efforts. There is a direction relation between number of sales and commission generation by the marketer.

Over time and with hard work, this type of marketing may help earn enough amount every month and act as a part-time job for many too. Most of the famed bloggers on Instagram, YouTube, and other social sites nowadays are even earning their living through affiliate marketing.

How to start affiliate marketing?

We all want to make money in a short time period, isn’t that so?

Anyone who agrees to this statement will be eager to know how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. Well, the truth is, it is not as easy as one may believe it to be. Especially, if you already do not have a well-established name in the world of blogging.

Pick a promising niche:

Ask any experienced marketer and he will tell you how niche has the ability to make or break any business. As an affiliate marketer, more than 40% of your success relies on a suitable niche. Skim through current trends to find a niche which suits your expectations and skills.

Grow your followers

Create your social media handles and grow your followers through various interactions. Once you have a large number of followers, there is a bright chance that the companies will notice you.

Find a promising platform

Now, you need to find a reliable affiliate marketing platform. Once you are done with that, the platform will see your followers and will start sending you new products and services as a part of their PR packages.

Start marketing

In a nutshell, all it takes to succeed is an exceptional marketing strategy that can convince your audience to buy the suggested product or service themselves.

Collect commission

Once your plan works, the company starts paying you some commission on each purchase that has been made through your link.

How to be better at affiliate marketing in no time?

Most of the people who step in the world of marketing are unfortunate enough to understand its tricks and leave it without earning anything at all. Some of the tips that can effectively make marketing for beginners fruitful and success may include:

  • Creating matchless content that automatically generates traffic
  • Trying the product or service yourself and then marketing it while being as honest as possible
  • Practicing SEO techniques while you produce content for the promotion to make it more accessible.
  • Know your audience and promote only what you think they need. A bombardment of promotional posts regarding products your audience does not need usually results in a loss of followers.


The Takeaway:

Affiliate marketing has been opening doors for online marketers for quite some time now. From digital to geographical landscapes, it is one of the greatest sources of earning available for those who want to make extra bucks.

Expert tip is to monitor your competitors and refine your strategy accordingly after a regular time period for maximum returns.



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